Friday, April 29, 2011

The Other Mothers

I have a problem..... Being a mother of five, I find it hard to get along or bond with other mothers. Of all of my childrens friends, there are three mothers whom I feel comfortable around.

I can see through people, some wreak of false pretenses, others freighten me with their gossip driven intrigue. I've met some who've judged me based upon my daughters' athletic abilities. I've met some who have attempted to recruit me into their religious cult. I got a Christmas card from one who wants to sell me a house.
I recently met one who really crossed the line, and totally pissed me off. I need to tell the story....

The twins had softball practice on Tuesday and asked if they could ride home from school on the same bus as a teammate who lives very close to the park where practice was to be held. Practice was scheduled for six, and a wicked storm started brewing at five. I called the twins, and we'd agreed that the weather was too poor, practice would surely be cancelled. I'd be picking them up from their friends house at five thirty. I pulled into the driveway unaware of what I'd soon experience.

The mother walked out to the window of my car and said, "I called the coach, he's still going to try to practice. I told the girls I'd take them to the field at six." Though it was not raining, the sky was black. I'd come across downed trees from the storm that had just passed and another was surely on its way. I'm also considering the fact that I live on the other side of town and was also toting around the baby. There couldn't be practice. The field was surely flooded. I kindly told the mother, "Thank you, but I think I'm just going to take my girls home. We live on the other side of town, and it really looks like its going to start raining again, so we'll have to take the chance of them missing practice."

She walked away.... her daughter called out, "Mom, Mom, come back.... look at baby Addie".... The mother put her hand in the air and smirked, "pssh, No Thanks".

To a baby......

I have to see her again, at softball practice....



  1. Dear Tiff,
    Jealousy comes in many forms. Trust your instincts and perceptions. You are one of the most intelligent people I know. Your children are all beautiful, graceful, intelligent, and loving. Plus, you deserve the Mother of the Year Award for being such a great mom. I am so proud of you. The world is a better place for having you in it. There is no room, however, for gossip and subtle innuendo that undermines your life. Use the discernment you innately have, and don't give a fig about what others think. Those who truly know you, realize what an outstanding person, mom and wife you are. The rest...who needs them?

    Much love~~~~

  2. Thanks, Mum!

    I needed that. First game is on Tuesday. I'll give you a call if I need "back up".