Friday, April 29, 2011


I have a confession to make. I punked Bam Margera

In return.... I learned a valuable lesson, thou shall not steal. No matter what the circumstance.

We were on a cruise. Not able to trick my inner clock, I rose every morning at five am. I became familiar with the fellow cruisers who rose (and smoked) at this hour. Sharing an ashtray with one of the m. He pulled out a cell phone, flashed a few pictures and asked me if I knew who "Bam" was? I didn't.... but said that I did.

Bam.... From MTV.... Jackass... ok, I know Jackass... sure, I know who Bam is...

Well, Wouldn't you know it, he was on our ship!!!!!! Whoooooo!!!!! (I guess)

One night, Brian and I found ourselves elbow to elbow with Bam at the ship's hippest bar. We watched his entourage flow about him, and couldn't help but notice his infamous purple scarf. As he and his friends departed the scene, I couldn't help but notice that they had left pictures behind. Influenced by Captain Morgan, I casually slid the pictures our way, suggesting that they were our pictures. All the while, I'm thinking of how cool of a mom I was going to be, coming home with pictures of BAM.

Brian and I giggled about the stolen pictures for three days. Finally, the truth had come out. The phone in our cabin started to ring. This never happens, and couldn't be good.... It was Royal Carribean security... wanting to know if I had Bam's pictures... they suggested, "Can you check your photos, maybe you picked them up by mistake?"

Oh my, how did they know?

I ultimately did the right thing...... yes, after doing the wrong thing.....

I took the pictures to the security desk and turned them over.

So..... I have no proof..... but, I did "punk" Bam....

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